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If you have thought of starting a furniture painting business, or currently struggle with the one you have, do I have news for you!

Furniture Painting University is the only online International campus for new and seasoned furniture artists. No need to drive to a class or pay hundreds of dollars at a trade show to take classes from the Pros. This member website gives it all to you and more!

Not only do they teach techniques to achieve stunning finishes, but they also provide instruction on tools, paints, waxes and more.

Featuring a weekly video series of upholstery and painting tutorials, you are sure to find a myriad of new ideas and techniques to enhance your furniture painting business.

As artists, we all need new ideas and I love the fact that there is an online school such as this that I can visit any time I want. Watch hands-on videos and read many articles on just how a certain look was created.

Questions such as pricing issues was also addressed and I loved that! Certainly, that’s an area that many artists struggle with. But I also appreciated the staging and merchandising articles to help your sell your pieces.

So take the time to stop by Furniture Painting University and see a bit of what they have to offer. Then sign up and start learning! You’ll be on your way to selling re-furbished, beautiful furniture and putting some dough in your pocket!



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