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Plaster stenciled chest

Chrystal Every Thomas found our plaster stencils and went to town on her Craigslist furniture finds.

OK, I’m deeply impressed!

Plaster stenciled chest

Plaster stenciled chest

Chrystal found this chest on Craigslist and gave it a make over using our Raised Plaster Marcelle Border Stencil.¬† She shows us how the full border can be used across the fronts of the drawers and then how a portion of the design can be taped off (to create a smaller design) and used in the corners of the doors. This is a truly “designer” look and Chrystal obviously is a “designer” in her own right.


Using the same plaster stencil design, she did a make over on this cute little table as well.


She used the design in just one corner, pre-tinting the medium pink. Now how precious is that????

Thank you Chrystal! We are officially “in love”!


Laurel Duval, (being the creative soul she is), had an itch to do a furniture makeover. This plain cabinet screamed for something fun!


Laurel decided to do a Raised Plaster Stencil on the cabinet to change that flat surface in to a detailed one and to add dimensional design for interest.


She chose our Raised Plaster French Panel Stencil and I love how she used it! The truly interesting thing is that she centered it over the opening between the two doors! So when you open one side of the cabinet, one half of the design stays closed! Now how clever it that????